About ‘Collision Course’

I started elliotku.com in 2014 when I began serving as a Ministry Intern at ACTS11 Church as a way to keep my prayer and financial supporters updated on my life and ministry. At that point, the website was used primarily to post monthly updates, prayer points, and some quick reflections on what I’ve been learning about pastoral ministry.

Now that I’ve finished my season as an intern, I’ve decided to turn this space more into a general blog where I can post some reflections on things that I’ve been reading or learning, wrestle with some questions that I’ve been having, offer some personal insight on some current affairs, and continue with some updates on life and ministry.

With this transition, I’ve decided to change the title of the site to ‘Collision Course’ firstly because it sounds cool and secondly because the alliteration captures the idea of two antithetical forces, ideas, or philosophies approaching head-on which will result in a collision if the course is not altered. In a time of the ‘now but not-yet’ kingdom of God, I believe that Christians are constantly on collision courses with the world. Our morals are different, our affections are different, our values are different, and what or who we worship is different. As such, I hope that this renewed site will be a means for me to think through some of the implications for what it means for Christians to live as renewed people and anticipation of the return of Christ, restoration of all things, and when there will be no more collisions of beliefs or world views.

I hope you enjoy what you read!


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