“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer” – Romans 12:12

About Elliot

Rev Elliot Ku serves as the Associate Pastor at GracePoint Presbyterian Church (Lidcombe Campus) and teaches as an Adjunct Lecturer at Christ College (the Presbyterian Theological Centre, Sydney).

He is married to Sherilyn and they love showing and speaking about the joys of following Jesus.

Recent Blog Posts

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Elliot serves as a pastor at GracePoint Presbyterian Church.

In that capacity, he leads and shepherds as the Campus Pastor at the Lidcombe site, directs the Centre for Faith and Ministry through which members of the church are built up and equipped for ministry, and trains future Gospel workers through the Gospel Labourers (Gospel Lab) Initiative.


Elliot is an Adjunct Lecturer at Christ College, Sydney (the Presbyterian Theological Centre) where he teaches in the field of Church History.

He loves to show the theological richness and relevance of the early church period, and inspire students to look into the past in order to better serve in the present and look forward to the future.


Elliot is working on a PhD in the field of patristics. More specifically, he is writing about Augustine’s Theology of Joy in Enarrationes in Psalmos (Commentary on the Psalms).

He has contributed to peer-reviewed and popular journals, written a chapter for a book about the place of the Declaratory Statement in the PCA’s reading of the Westminster Confession of Faith, and helps to review submissions to the Gospel Leadership journal.

The Gospel Lab Initiative

Would you consider joining us in raising and training 10 Gospel workers in the next 10 years?

“I am thrilled to be able to partner with GracePoint as you develop this wonderful initiative called Gospel Lab where you are encouraging a culture of training in your church and developing the financial and prayer resources to support your apprentices.”

Associate Professor David Bell, OAM (Convener of the METRO Committee of the PCNSW)

“Raising the next generation of Gospel workers shouldn’t just be dependent on the denomination. It is the work of the local church. Our prayer is that the men and women trained through the Gospel Lab initiative will benefit the wider kingdom work of the Gospel.”

Reverend Eugene Hor (Lead and Founding Pastor of GracePoint Presbyterian Church)

“God has been kind to grow and mature me in all sorts of ways over the course of this apprenticeship. There is a growing conviction and desire in my heart to see the lost saved and to see many more grow to become effective witnesses for the Lord Jesus.”

John Le (Ministry Apprentice 2020-2021)

“As I learn more about preaching and exegesis, I’m increasingly realising that the Bible is incredibly deep and its wisdom inexhaustible!”

Jason Yu (Ministry Apprentice 2021-2022)

“I give thanks for the opportunity to meet up with people to read the Bible, for friendships to grow, and for the opportunity that our church has in sharing the message of the Gospel.”

Thomas Lam (Ministry Apprentice 2021-2022)

Please contact Elliot if you would like to financially and/or prayerfully support the critical work of raising faithful men and women who will take the Gospel to the nations and generations.

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