Overview of The Blog

An Introduction to “Rejoice in Hope”

Welcome to Rejoice in Hope!

This website is designed to collate and centralise my written materials across different platforms.

There are 4 main categories of writings:

  1. Life and Ministry
  2. Social Media Shorts
  3. Pastoral Letters
  4. Ministry Musings – DMin Reflections

Each of these have their unique emphasis, style, and flavour.

Life and Ministry

Life and Ministry is the most general category and it includes personal and family updates, Biblical-theological and ministry reflections, and questions that I’m wrestling with.

Social Media Shorts

Social Media Shorts is similar to Life and Ministry but tends to be shorter. Instagram only permits 2,200 characters. So all posts under Social Media Shorts will be around that length.

Pastoral Letters

Pastoral Letters are a collection of selected reflections that I send out through our church’s weekly newsletter. They are written with the members of GracePoint-Lidcombe in mind.

Ministry Musings – DMin Reflections

Ministry Musings – DMin Reflections is a space for me to process out loud the things that I’ve been reading, learning, and writing about in relation to my DMin (Doctor of Ministry) studies.

You can browse these different categories by hovering over the header under the heading “Blog” or by clicking on the respective hyperlinks above!

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