Pray for missionaries


The call to be a missionary in a different country can be a tough call to respond to. Yet, many do so boldly. Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of coming in contact with many missionaries (more recently, John and Denise Dickson in the picture above) who have sold everything, packed their bags, and left everything behind in order to serve God in places where there are unreached people. They often spend years learning the language and culture just so they can effectively communicate the gospel to local people. They face the threats of isolation, culture shock, and the unknowns of being in a foreign land.

Today, I heard about a missionary who had her bag snatched by a thief. During a struggle, she landed on her head and was sent to the hospital. I don’t know about her current situation, but I hear there is bleeding, but it isn’t that serious. On the same day, I heard that another missionary found a brain tumour growing in her, thus explaining the headaches she has been experiencing for awhile, and steps will be required for operation.

Will you join me in praying specifically for these 2 missionaries? Please pray that God will bring recovery to their bodies and comfort for their families. But will you also join me in praying for missionaries all over the world, many whom are serving under the radar because of government persecution. They do an extraordinary job at significant risk to themselves and their families – all for God’s kingdom and glory. We should do much to appreciate them.

Pray that:

  1. God will continue to sustain them in their mission field
  2. Those with families will be able to nurture their children well in a foreign land
  3. They will be accepted and loved by the locals
  4. Their ministries will be effective, and the Word of God may be faithfully preached
  5. They will love and enjoy what they do
  6. God will raise even more missionaries who will be willing to serve God all over the world

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