Pray for Social Diversity

ACTS11 Prayer Meeting

These prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting.

Social Diversity

Kingsgrove and its neighbouring suburbs are becoming increasingly diverse. In addition to the majority of Australian born residents in Kingsgrove, there are also an increasing number of migrants from Greece, China, Italy, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. The most common languages other than English spoken at home were: Greek 17.9%, Cantonese 9.2%, Arabic 6.0%, Mandarin 5.0% and Italian 4.7%.

Pray for:

  1. The migrants moving into the area. Pray that they will be able to settle in well into the new environment and that they will feel comfortable in the new community. 
  1. Schools  (Kingsgrove Public, Kingsgrove High, Kingsgrove North, St Ursalas) and other community services. Pray that they will be able to meet the social needs of the community and that the government will continue to invest in infrastructures that will benefit the residents. 
  1. Families – Approximately 56% of residents are married and 3.41% are in de facto marriages. Pray that these would be healthy marriages and that the home will be a conducive environment for children. Pray for the 14.8% of single parent families – pray that they will be able to receive the necessary support in order to raise their children despite the difficult circumstance.
  1. Changing demographics as a result of new residential developments (like the new apartments next to the train station). Pray that it would not have a negative impact on the community and that churches will respond by contextualizing in order to reach the various groups that move into the area.
  1. Local businesses – as a result of new residential areas, more businesses are starting and moving into the area. Pray that our church will be able to establish good relationships with the store owners and that the church can be seen as a positive influence in the community. 
  1. Those financially struggling – Kingsgrove has an unemployment rate of 6% (in comparison to 5.4% in NSW). Pray that they wouldn’t be affected too badly with the new budget and that they may be able to find work soon. Pray for the federal and state members of parliament, that God will grant them wisdom to serve the needs of the public.

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