Pray for SWCCC

ACTS11 Prayer MeetingThese prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting.

South West Chinese Christian Church

God has blessed SWCCC with a dynamic staff team, a vibrant community, and a a gospel-centred vision for growth since its establishment 5 years ago. Our church is about to enter a new phase where there will be an additional pastoral staff member and a new congregation in Bankstown. Transitions are always difficult but for the sake of greater gospel growth, some changes and modifications need to take place.

Pray for:

  1. Pastoral Staff

Peter Ko (Lead Pastor): Changing role of having increasing responsibilities – in addition to managing a staff team and oversight over the whole of SWCCC, Pastor Pete will be leading a core team to plant a new congregation in Bankstown.

Allan Mao (Associate Pastor – Mandarin Congregation): As he continues to minister to the existing congregation and think strategically about reaching out to the abundance of international students in Hurstville.

Jonathan Chong (Assistant Pastor): Pray that him and his wife (Emmelyn) will be able to settle back into Sydney and SWCCC well – moving from our country to another is always a daunting task, so pray that God may grant them the necessary strength to face the challenges. Also pray that their training at Westminster Theological Seminary will bring a breath of fresh air to our existing staff team, and that Jono’s pastoral strengths will complement those of Pete’s and Allan’s.

Stephen Fei (Student Minister): His father-in-law who is physically unwell will feel physically comfortable during this tremulous period. Also pray that Stephen and his wife will be able to juggle family, attending to a ill family member, and study (Stephen is currently completing his studies at SMBC) well.

Elliot Ku (Ministry Intern): As he continues to prepare for full-time pastoral ministry through his internship, pray that God will give a clearer picture as to what He wants Elliot to do in the future (whether it is local or overseas ministry). Pray also that his competencies for ministry will continue to grow.

Jess Joseph (Ministry Intern): Pray that God will give her a clear direction for what she will be doing at the conclusion of her internship at SWCCC. Also pray that God will give her wisdom to lead the newly revamped ‘t2’ women’s ministry.

  1. Current financial deficit. Pray that our church partners will be generous with their finances and willingly give towards the needs of the church for even greater gospel ministry.
  1. Other church ministries

Community Groups: Praise God for the existing 10 community groups. Pray that God will continue to increase us in numbers and meet our needs by providing more leaders. Pray that God will continue to give Dave Cheng wisdom in organizing and planning the groups.

SPUR: The next topic is on Christians and Social Justice. Pray that the young adults will be challenged to think about how discipleship affects their relationship with the global world.

Integr8: The new direction for more social gatherings and the new ‘Christianity Explored’ group that meets on Sunday afternoons.

Connexion: Approximately 9% of the local residents (approcimately 1000 people) are in the 13-19 age range. Pray that God bring more of the local youths along to our youth group.


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