Pray for the Spiritual Climate in Kingsgrove

ACTS11 Prayer Meeting

These prayer points were compiled for our church’s monthly prayer meeting.

Spiritual Climate in Kingsgrove

The 2011 census reveals that Christianity is in a ‘healthy’ state in Kingsgrove, with approximately 70% of the locals recording that they adhere to Christianity. However, our desire as a church is to see the 30% (approximately 3000 people – the size of a mega church) passing from eternal separation from God to entering God’s presence. Because every person counts in God’s kingdom, we want to pray earnestly that all will have the opportunity to hear the gospel, whether it is through SWCCC or other churches, and that many will respond to the Good News that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

Pray for:

  1. Adherents of other religions. 5.6% Islam, 4.61% Buddhism, 0.63% Hinduism, 0.10% Judaism. Pray that God will reveal the emptiness and folly of their false gods and come to know the true and living Creator.
  1. The 70% of people who’ve listed themselves as Christians (some of the 70% are Catholics) – 1) Pray that they will understand that being a Christian is not a cultural thing but is instead a radical faith that requires a life of sacrifice, 2) Pray that they will be actively growing in their Christian faith and becoming global and local disciple makers. 
  1. Those who have no religious beliefs. Pray that they will be surrounded with gospel-minded Christians who will share their faith in a manner that is appropriate to them, and that they will see the true purpose of their life by understanding their identity in Christ. Pray that many will be saved through the partnership of believers and of churches. 
  1. More evangelical churches in Kingsgrove. There are currently a growing churches around Kingsgrove, like the ‘Vietnamese Evangelical Church in Australia’ (VECA) on Stoney Creek Road and St Bedes Anglican Church at 119 Morgan Street, Beverly Hills. Pray that they too will be thriving gospel-centered communities that are actively reaching out to their neighbours. Also pray for more church plants in Kingsgrove and the surrounding regions to reach more unchurched people and to revitalize existing churches – in particular, more multi-ethnic churches like SWCCC to reach the increasingly multicultural Kingsgrove (61.7% of residents have both parents who are born overseas)
  1. Pastors of the respective churches – Pastor Nam Doan at VECA and Rev Paul James at St Bedes. Pray that they will lead their church in a healthy direction and that they will have a genuine concern for the lost. Pray that they won’t lose their evangelistic fervor, and that members of their church will continue to grow through faithful preaching of the Word.
  1. Ministry expansion. Pray that God will help local churches to be strategic with our geographical location (eg: proximity to m5, train station, and public presence in the community) to reach the local community.

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