You and Me Forever

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My buddy Dom Cheung recently returned from the US where he attended a wedding and spent a bit of time at the Crazy Love office to learn more about Francis Chan’s ministry.

When he returned, I asked him ‘what is the highlight of your trip?’ and he started talking about this new book titled ‘You and Me Forever’ and told me the entire back story to it.

I was absolutely blown away because I knew how incredibly Francis leads his ministries and family in serving God, but to hear a new story from a close friend was a whole new level. The story is summarised in the video below (you have to watch it).

One of the things that wasn’t mentioned in the video is the reason why the book was self-published. In short, self-publishing the book means they’re cutting out the ‘middle guy’, which means less money is spent paying publishers and more money goes directly into the 5 million dollar project.

Another point that Dom made was that these guys are all volunteers. They’re not veterans or pros in the industry, but they just ‘go for it’. So I’m incredibly grateful that this book is finally published and for Francis and Lisa’s dual dream of ‘serving the saints’ and ‘providing for the needy’.

I’d recommend you jump onto the website straightaway and get your hands on two copies – one for yourself and one for a friend. Imagine the great satisfaction of being blessed by this book and knowing that you’ve also blessed someone in return.

Go Francis and Lisa!

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