Covered in Blood


My Bible Reading plan (M’Cheyne One Year Reading Plan – though I’ve spent more than one year on it already) landed me on Matthew 27 a few days ago. It’s a familiar passage but one of the things that struck me during this recent reading was the paradox that is evident throughout the entire chapter.

One in particular is found in verse 25.

All the people answered, ‘His blood will be on us and on our children!” (HCSB)

This is so incredible because what the chief priests, elders, and other Jews present didn’t know is that Jesus’ blood would be on them and their children but in more ways than they expected.

On one hand, they were guilty of Jesus’ crucifixion. It was their hardened hearts and their envy (v18) that resulted in Jesus’ death on the cross. So in that sense, Jesus’ blood was on them and their children because they were guilty of choosing Barabbas over Christ.

Yet at the same time, in God’s sovereignty, their guilt resulted in their vindication. In their ignorance and sinfulness, they played a pivotal part in God’s act in salvation history so that they were not only guilty of Jesus’ blood, but because of Jesus’ crucifixion, they (and their children) were also covered and redeemed through Jesus’ blood.

What they meant for evil, God meant for their salvation. How cool is that.

There is never a point when God is not in control. Even in situations where it appears like things are not going the way it should, God is above it all.

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