The Next Generation of Leaders 


Some of the crew from my strand group!

I’ve been spending the past few days at NextGen16 and it’s been fantastic.

There’s nothing like sitting under strong biblical preaching, worshipping in song, and spending time with young bible study leaders and future leaders of their respective churches.

My co-leader and I have 15 guys and gals in our group and one of the highlights is seeing so many 17 year olds in our group! It’s incredible because although they’re starting their year 12 studies this year, they’ve decided to give up precious study time to be equipped and trained to handle God’s Word. Of course, it’s also great seeing some ‘older’ (by older, they’re like 19 years old) leaders (some of whom have been leading in their church and school groups for a number of years already) joining us to learn how to be even better leaders.

I’ve learnt a great deal from them just from hearing the stories of their lives and I’m excited to see how they will, under God, be shaped as leaders who will lead lives of integrity and godliness, and lead others to follow their example in life and doctrine.

Love this crew and I’m looking forward to seeing them present their bible studies tomorrow (for some, this is the first bible study they’ve ever written!). Pray for them as they spend time today learning how to best package and teach God’s Word!

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