I call Australia Home


Beach with some friends!
2016 marks my 11th year living in Australia. It is almost as many years as I’ve spent in Malaysia and it is more time than I’ve ever lived in one state. 

I’m often asked ‘so what are you? Malaysian, Chinese, or Australian’? It’s a difficult question to answer because I was born in Malaysia but of Chinese descent, yet my passport tells me I’m an Australian citizen! I speak many languages but none of them well and I’m culturally confused. 

So I’ve decided to give up on finding an answer to that question and instead consider where I call home. And after having spent some time overseas in 2015, I always found myself saying ‘man I just wanna go home’ while I was away and by ‘home’, I knew I was talking about Sydney.

I love this country and I’m proud to call it home. 

Happy Australia Day!

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