#1 Live Blogging for YLG2016!


G’day friends!

In less than 2 days, a group of 1000 younger leaders from all around the globe will gather to pray, think, and strategise about world evangelisation. We certainly stand on the shoulders of formidable leaders of the past and present, and we’re excited about how God will use this upcoming generation for His glory.

I’m incredibly excited about being in the room for a historic gathering like this because there really is no way you can be in a room of marketplace, church, and NFP leaders without being changed. As such, I thought about keeping a diary to note down some of the key moments and teaching sessions from the conference. However, I thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if this can be shared’! And with the advance of technology, this is now easier than ever.

As such, I’ve decided to do my best to keep a live blog throughout the 7-day gathering. This will include some pictures, quick reflections, or just straight report of what’s been going on and what I’ve been learning throughout. Hopefully, this reflective process will help me get the most out of the conference and can give you a snapshot of what’s going on where we’re at. Of course, there will be times when there will be limitations to what I can say or post, so please do bear with me if the posts are sometimes shrouded with ambiguity. Nonetheless, I hope that you can join the gathering by praying for the various leaders who are taking part of it!

  1. So please pray for the administrative team that has already landed in Jakarta. They’ve been labouring for the past few year(s) to make this happen, and the final stretch is always the most challenging. Pray that the teams will work well together, that they’d be marked with a spirit of humility and self-sacrifice, and that the delegates will learn to love and support them whenever we can.
  2. Pray also for those who are travelling over the Jakarta. Several delegates from different countries are still struggling with obtaining their visas, so please pray that God will provide for their needs. Pray also for those who are taking off today and tomorrow, specifically that they’d be granted with safe travels.
  3. Related to (2), here’s one that I pray for before I catch a plane (especially if I’m travelling solo). I pray that I’d have an opportunity to strike up a Gospel conversation with the person I’m flying next to. This is a scary prayer and God has answered it a few times, but I found that people are often very open to having deep and extensive conversations on the plane. I’m particularly inspired by my friends Ivan Lee and Lawrence Lin who did exactly that and ended up bringing someone to church (this is itself a very long story). While I haven’t been as successful, I’ve certainly had really enjoyable conversations with a Hindu who works as a researcher, a Chinese business man, and a retired professional. God can work wonders when we’re willing. So I pray that opportunities for this will open up!

So if this interests you at all, please do stay tuned! You can subscribe to the blog (the link for that is at the bottom of the page) if that helps.

For more information about the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, check out this previous post.

  1. Billy Graham: The Lausanne Legacy

You can also follow the entire journey here!

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