Love-Hate Relationship


I have a love-hate relationship with my theological college.

I particularly ‘hate’ it (okay, I don’t really hate it. I just find it as a real…test of endurance) during the course of the semester. With assignments, language exams, and sermons due, it’s difficult to take a step back and really appreciate my education for what it is. Instead, it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of assessments and lose sight of what I have and what I’m training for.

As such, breaks are so incredible not just as an opportunity to catch up on those assessments, but also as an opportunity re-create and remind myself of why I’m doing what I’m doing.

This endeavour to savour the value of my theological education has been particularly helped this time round with the release of three videos highlighting the story of three of my very good and dear friends.

The first is of Michael Bedros who is a wonderful older brother to me. He has an incredibly pastoral heart and his love for his people at church and at home is admirable. The second is Angus Gibb who I think is going to take the church music world by storm. He can lead, teach, write, sing, and play, and I look forward to singing his songs in the near future. Last but not least is Allan Welch. A father of a colony, former cop, and a real man after God, Al has a real vision to see godly men trained for God’s kingdom. He wants to lead churches in redefining masculinity through a biblical lens and he is well on his way to seeing families changed for the better.

So much of what they do is a product of their time at Christ College, so I’m grateful to be able to learn with them under the same professors and I’m also grateful to learn from them as we get into each other’s lives.


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