When Two Colleges Meet

If you’ve walked into a few of the theological colleges in Sydney this week, chances are you’ll feel like you’ve walked into a ghost town. That’s because a number of colleges have been on ‘mission week’ over the past week and students have been sent to a range of places to love, serve, and learn from different churches, communities, and even schools. To my knowledge, both Moore College and Christ College have teams spread right across the country and overseas (such as New Zealand), and it’s been remarkable tracking what God is doing in and through these teams.

Jonathan Chong preaching at chapel

I have the privilege of leading one of these teams and we’ve had a spectacular time at Scots College (a Presbyterian GPS boys school) over this past week. We’re so grateful that Scots has graciously given us generous time and space to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the young men at school through the daily chapel services, Christian Studies classes, Bible study groups, and even in the Senior School assembly. Jonathan Chong, a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary and a current student of Christ College has preached at all of the senior chapel services this week, and he has done an incredible job at helping the student body think about how the resurrection of Christ shapes our present reality. Nate Ho and Rob Falls have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks in preparing Christian Studies Classes material for students ranging from years 5-10, and their time teaching these materials this week have been very well received. These materials have generated a lot of discussion and interaction, resulting in a few students making some significant progress in their ideas about what the Christian faith is. These classes have integrated teaching moments regarding the resurrection of Christ, discussions about the implications for this if it is true, and testimonies from college students which have sought to demonstrate how this has played out in their lives. The 50-minute long Christian Studies Classes are also complemented by the Bible study materials prepared by Dave Gunning and and Benedict Kang, which seeks to further challenge the students in thinking about the ramifications of Jesus’ resurrection for their lives. While these lunch time Bible studies are not attended by the majority of the student body, it appears that the time spent with these young men have been fruitful and beneficial. Our team is also particularly proud of Dr Jonathan Pratt who stood before the Senior School Assembly to present a short devotion through which he challenged the entire student body to give their lives to Jesus and live for His kingdom. Although it was only a few minutes short, it was clear that Jon had spent hours upon hours preparing for what our team believed was an incredible opportunity to share the Gospel.

The team cooking up a storm with Scots College’s chaplaincy team to help raise funds to support a school in Vanuatu

We have only one more day left at Scots, so please pray for the team as they teach their final few Christian Studies classes and lead one more Bible study. Please pray in particular for Martin Chung who will be preaching at the Junior School Chapel tomorrow from the book of Acts. We’re also hoping and praying that our time at Scots will continue the fruitful relationship between the two colleges as we seek to win many for Christ!




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