Meet Anastasia Zoe Ku!

Dear friends, it has been a wild month. From catching COVID-19 (or is it being caught by COVID?), an unexpected delivery, and almost 3 weeks in a special care nursery and then NICU (neo natal intensive care unit), we are finally home and able to announce the birth of baby girl!

Meet Anastasia Zoe (柔雨) Ku. She was born on March 12 and was super excited to enter into the world. But soon after, the midwives and paediatricians noticed that she had low muscle tone and hip dysplasia. That’s when the roller coaster ride began. I’ll refrain from going into details. But the 3 weeks were some of the hardest days we’ve encountered so far. Sherilyn has been on an ambulance with the Newborn and paediatric emergency transport service (NETS), I’ve met with more doctors and specialists in 3 weeks than I have in my entire life, and our little one has had more medical tests than some do in a lifetime.

But God has repeatedly shown himself to be faithful and loving. We never felt alone because God was so kind in making his presence and power known to us. Further, we were carried by the prayers, encouragement, and support of people near and far. We had a large group of Christian brothers and sisters, friends, and family who prayed for us every single day. They sent us gifts, meals, and messages almost every single day. So even though it was just Sherilyn and I walking into the hospital every day (and we’re so grateful that the hospitals allowed both of us!), we felt like we were lifted up by an army of supporters. When we couldn’t pray, others were praying on our behalf. When we felt lost, others stepped in for us. When we needed hope, others pointed us to Christ and the assurance we have in Him. 

It has been an incredibly surreal experience and I hope to write more on it some day. God has taught us so many lessons through it all. But I was deeply challenged by the fact that the Christian life is just taking small steps of faith every single day. God is all powerful and all loving. And he invites us to exercise greater trust in Him so that we may experience deeper joy in Him. 

Anastasia Zoe means resurrection life. It comes from John 11:25 where Jesus himself declares that he is the resurrection and the life. Our prayer is that our little girl will grow to grasp the hope that is found in Christ and live with such purpose because she has no fear of death.

柔雨 literally translates as “gentle rain”. It comes from Matthew 11:29 where Jesus says that he is “gentle and lowly in heart”. Our longing is that Anastasia will demonstrate the sort of gentle strength of our Saviour. Unflinchingly strong in matters regarding truth and righteousness. Yet remarkably gentle and warm in its application. It also comes from Isaiah 55:10 where it says that God’s Word is like the “rain and snow” which comes down from heaven. Our desire is that Anastasia will also be a vessel for the Word of God so that many will know the hope and joy that is found in Jesus Christ.

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