About Elliot

Elliot Ku

Reverend Elliot Ku is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia (PCNSW) and currently serves as the Associate Pastor at GracePoint Presbyterian Church. GracePoint is a multi-campus Reformed, Evangelical, and Presbyterian church community in Sydney. At GracePoint, Elliot helps to preach and pastor the morning and evening Sunday services at the Lidcombe campus, equips the members for ministry through the Centre for Faith and Ministry, and is actively involved in training future ministers of the Gospel through the church’s apprenticeship and internship programs.

Elliot is also an Adjunct Lecturer at Christ College, Sydney. Christ College is the training college of the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales. At Christ College, Elliot teaches in the field of church history and uses the stories of the ancient church to shape and nurture the next generation of pastors and Christian leaders. As part of his ongoing development, Elliot is also undertaking a PhD examining Augustine’s theology of joy. His passion for history also spills over into his involvement with the Evangelical History Association.

Elliot is married to Sherilyn and together they love showing and speaking about the joys of following Jesus.

For more details about this blog, check out ‘Collision Course’ and for a more extended and quirky introduction, check out ‘Tell Me More!’

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